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publicCreated 10/23/102

come to a group of skaters,made by skaters,for skaters. LONG LIVE THE DECK, LONG LIVE THE SKATER!!


publicCreated 11/20/102

I found that none of the groups interested me on here, they were either too dull or nonsense so I have decided to design this little forum for those who are seduced by the beauty of darkness, who find...


publicCreated 11/20/105

We are a new guild looking for active,talkative, and fun people to join no level requirments just message or mail SilverWolfX Win HaloKing Kaitly to join Have Fun ;)


publicCreated 11/21/102

We are a group that likes to have fun! We are cool, smooth, and we like to joke around!


publicCreated 01/04/1115

You will worship the cookie! You will eat the cookie! You will make another cookie! ... Then you will eat it again! Welcome to NinjaCookie! ~~~ .