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publicCreated 10/08/091197

this clan is for making friends and watever


publicCreated 10/15/095

Our group is there to discuss the various aspects of fashion and apparel in the games we love. Share your outfits from other games and discuss their awesomness with others.


publicCreated 10/18/0921

||A little group created by me, ChocolateVirus about a little game we all know as halo. Started Sunday, October 18, 2009 at 9:04 PM. Compare achievements. List your Gamertag, play with friends, have a...


publicCreated 10/26/095



publicCreated 11/02/0967

Sup everyone. This is a group to do whatever you want, seriously. But not the "whatever you want" as in WHATEVER you want. Just talking about ANYTHING YOU WANT! Get it...? Don'...