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publicCreated 09/10/09177

This group come in help of those who encountered problems regarding almost everything , from games issues to players who hacks and use the games bugs for their own advantage . So if u have any pro...


publicCreated 09/11/09198

This is a group for fans of our first Facebook application: Poker Heroes


publicCreated 09/12/091086

This is the official group where you can find info and post discusions on things that are on your mind. Chat them up and have a fun time. We are mostly active and can answer any questions that you hav...


publicCreated 09/13/0971

Dies ist der Gruppenbereich des Clan Illunis. Unser Clan besteht schon seid Anfang der Deutschen CB von Megaten und ist immer noch aktiv dabei. Der Clan wurde von Rabenfeder gegründet, ich stelle z...


publicCreated 09/28/0983

Yo, hey ppl who just join the clan. Theres not much to know about this clan, even tho its awesome, but mostly we just like to relax n be ourselves.(>-.)> Also most of the time I ...