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publicCreated 03/27/117

"Game Guide Group" We are not GameSages or something like that. We just want to help You, dear Players! We've hope we will have great experience with that game! Greetings! Seraphio: IGN: Ia...


publicCreated 04/10/112

for capcom fans


publicCreated 05/15/114

A group created for fans and players of the action based MMORPG "Realm Of The Titans" produced by Aeria Games.


publicCreated 05/16/112

People of Guild Crystal000ac in grand fantasia


publicCreated 06/11/115

Why listen to just ONE style of music while grinding or fighting on your favorite game, WHEN YOU CAN HAVE THEM ALL?! Seriously, Variety is the spice of life! That's why we play so many differe...