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publicCreated 12/27/0924

Here at this clan we only do as infinity to were your Greatest dreams spend into yourself everyday to keep you whole in the world...for now, so we shall fill that future void in your soul, which is in...


publicCreated 01/02/108

This group is open to anyone interested in anime, games, manga, or anything intersesting in the world. Just wanna hang out, play, or chat about things then this is the place to be.


publicCreated 01/07/1060

Diese Gruppe ist dazu endstanden Freude und Spaß am Spiel zuhaben wenn sich einer mit den anderen streitet dann wendet euch an einem Gruppenmitglied das euch am meisten kennt oder vertraut und erkl...


publicCreated 01/24/108

Group of Noble and friendly people. Talkative, nice people or aliens welcome =). Selfish, unrespectful, no manner what so ever ***** will be completely rejected. Ask questions, about any game, or an...


publicCreated 01/29/107

and this group for those who like the game xenosaga.:D