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publicCreated 09/23/0941

If at first you don't succeed, tryi it with out panties ^_~ Where a different guild thriving in server Gaia. We're always lookin for new members to join our group of wild people who live life f...


publicCreated 10/09/094

New Guild created on Gaia dedicated to helping and enjoying the game.


publicCreated 11/03/0910

Guild hispana Maestros de las Sombras del Server Gaia Fury


publicCreated 12/01/095

You Know Who We Are. If You Dont Then Learn! We Are Just A Friendy Openminded Guild On Gaia(Fury Side Of Course). We Are One Of The Top Ranked Guilds & Like Are Name Says We Are Fury Unite...


publicCreated 04/03/103

This is for gaian of gaia online