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publicCreated 10/07/098

We Are Obbsessed With Pvp,, We Dominate All, And Demolish The LIGHTIES. The Only Thing That Stops Us Fighting Is When Theres No More Contis For Sale In Iris. 0.0


publicCreated 10/21/098

The Ultimate Self-relied group. We take care of each other and our allies.


publicCreated 10/22/095

what ever you want it to be


publicCreated 11/03/0910

Guild hispana Maestros de las Sombras del Server Gaia Fury


publicCreated 12/01/095

You Know Who We Are. If You Dont Then Learn! We Are Just A Friendy Openminded Guild On Gaia(Fury Side Of Course). We Are One Of The Top Ranked Guilds & Like Are Name Says We Are Fury Unite...