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publicCreated 06/21/123

A group for all those wolf furries out there who want someplace to chill.


publicCreated 09/25/121

Fans of anthro reptiles unite!


publicCreated 10/05/124

I will not tolerate negativity or anything against the TOS. Those who come here to spread hate and intolerance will be removed and/or reported. This group is meant for those who are Furries and/or lik...


publicCreated 08/12/131

(This is my clan from xbox)It is a furry/sanhgeili clan only, no freakin humans please.. But its a mix of pride and rp and fun (: a clan that makes a safe place for my friends, and soon to be friends.


publicCreated 09/25/133

This is the home of the Aeria Games furry community! Welcome, this is a great place to stay and rest your paws. Don't be afraid to unleash your inner furry! We are LGBT friendly!