Groups tagged 'fun'


publicCreated 04/13/132

This team is for fans of Gintama and people who want to help people and start there own odd jobs like Gin! Post job requests on the discussion page and also chat there. Jobs will later be posted on th...


publicCreated 04/19/134

This group is all about love the show of My little pony friendship is magic and who love to play game. so yeah have fun.


publicCreated 04/21/131

This team is for any one who is a fan of the Disgaea anime, manga, video games or both. Those who follow the adventures of king Laharl, Adell, Mao and Valvatorez are welcome. Don't forget the Prinnies...


publicCreated 04/21/133

This group is for Pokemon fans, if you are a fan of the video games, manga, card game, anime or are interested in knowing about Pokemon pleas join. Up and coming Trainers are also welcome!!!


publicCreated 04/26/131

This group is for any one who likes Shonen anime, manga, video games and more. This is not just for shonen jump, it is for all things shonen, join today!!!