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publicCreated 02/25/1318

i noticed there was no group for only manga and so... i made one! now all manga lovers can unite!


publicCreated 02/26/1340

Do you love music or animes, maybe both well then this is the clan for u


publicCreated 03/12/131

A.V.A group and will later expand to other games as well


publicCreated 03/20/1311

All things yugioh. news on latest episodes, cards, tournaments, chapters, video games, talk, and more. All duelist and fans welcome. Join the duelist Kingdom today.


publicCreated 04/04/131

UnderHeaven is going to be an active, friendly guild/community making it's appearance in Lime Odyssey. If you are interested in a group full awesome, talkative, dedicated players then this is the righ...