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publicCreated 07/05/118

We can be very loving but also very agressive. We do not fear anyone or anything. We make sure no one is left out or feels excluded.


publicCreated 08/18/111

A guild of friends and commrads all striving to make the best strategies and tactics then use them to our advantage so that we may dominate any battlefield we choose to conquer. Rules: 1:Do not reve...


publicCreated 09/14/112

DOMO players welcome!!! Let's see if we can make this guild truly divine for the divine ;) This is a newbie friendly guild, offering a haven in which YOU can meet new online friends and help ai...


publicCreated 04/23/12124

The Official Pony Group.


publicCreated 12/05/12140

"For every action, there's a reaction." ~Newton "There's no such thing as coincidence only the inevitable~" Yuko "In order to obtain something that's precious, you must give up something of equal valu...