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publicCreated 12/28/102

This is a guild for anyone that play LC and wants to be apart of the guild. Only if you don't have one already. (*Just pm me and leave your name and your character name *)


publicCreated 12/28/102

The Revolution are the guild that is friendly and also help each other to be the powerful guild in the world ,some of the team will be work as Couple,Triple or Quad So if you are weak join this guild ...


publicCreated 01/08/118

This is a group where you can make friends and discuss the game and how to make out time in it more fun and is also the home for KitsuFriends the guild. XD


publicCreated 01/20/114

This group is about FUN! I mean, I know u guys want to join immediately! Who doesn't, right?! Oh btw, it's not all about lezz's or w/e, it's just to have some fun! Guys are welcome...


publicCreated 02/07/112

Under the Kingdom by Lord of Dartmoor - Nas verdes florestas de'l Reino de Portugal