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publicCreated 11/09/104

Something for fun. Anime, manga, music discussions and such. Just somewhere to hang out and meet new people.


publicCreated 11/16/103

Welcome to the Last Chaos guild THATGANG's homepage..If you are interestsd in joining guild send me a private message and we will work out something..I am alvl 6 guild so far with serveral inactive me...


publicCreated 11/23/10908

hey everyone:)this group is all about anime and its for anime lovers. but anyone who likes can join it:) in this group we talk about anime and alot more things so its not just for anime:)hope you enjo...


publicCreated 11/29/105

Hello, We're the Diamond Dust! A guild which does pretty much anything and everything. We love to help out those in need, and eventually we'll get stronger and stronger. Let's do our best and work t...


publicCreated 11/30/103

Morze ta grupa nie robi dużego wrażenia:) ale to dopiero początek.Czy jesteś z nami czy przeciwko nas!!?? to nie ważne,ważne że jesteś.