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publicCreated 06/12/10999

Hello everyone. if you are a big fan of final fantasy,then this group is the place for you. So if you got something that you like about it or the characters, then join this group =) have fun in here,...


publicCreated 06/12/105

Everyone who plays Shin Megami Tensei:IMAGINE join! See other players who play this game and make friends with them to help you clear those nasty dungeons and kill the bosses.


publicCreated 07/03/10524

come here if you love south park or if you just want to talk and make new friends or if you just want to experience events. or if your tired of those groups who are inactive never talk. not only has...


publicCreated 07/18/106

The_Coven is a group formed of friends who have come across from another site to have some fun together. This is where we can play,chat and hang out together planing our Shaiya experiences.


publicCreated 07/20/108

If you love DOMO you'll love reading Elysia Join to find out more Join if you love DOMO