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publicCreated 12/13/0951

we are the spartans that protect everything about us.everyone is welcome to join us,this is where this so called team of spartans gather.


publicCreated 12/31/0911

This group is for cool people ONLY so if i r a nerd dont join >:) but other then that you can join :)


publicCreated 01/02/108

This group is open to anyone interested in anime, games, manga, or anything intersesting in the world. Just wanna hang out, play, or chat about things then this is the place to be.


publicCreated 01/11/1060

This group is mainly if you're interested in joining. =) i hope everyone will have a great time here because the main reason why i made this group was so people can have fun here =) again hope yo...


publicCreated 01/13/103

Must Be my friend and must be cool (you can be ginger, lol)