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publicCreated 03/03/1376

Hurro~ Welcome to EdenXeternal


publicCreated 03/12/133

WalkingDeadFans is a group where you can share your views or thoughts about AMC's most watched show. Also you can share your thoughts or experiences with The Walking Dead game.


publicCreated 04/04/131

UnderHeaven is going to be an active, friendly guild/community making it's appearance in Lime Odyssey. If you are interested in a group full awesome, talkative, dedicated players then this is the righ...


publicCreated 05/02/131

Wir sind eine stätig wachsende Gilde und freuen uns auf euch. Euer alter und Level ist uns nicht wichtig . Hauptsache ihr habt so wie wir Spaß am Gaming


publicCreated 05/19/1339

CuteKitteh is a fun, interactive Group that loves to chat and eat pizza! Here, you'll find yourself with a lot of other cute kitties, so come join us! P.S. We have cookies, milk, pizza, cheese, and......