Groups tagged 'friend'


publicCreated 11/16/0951

This group was created for newbie and expert MegaTen players alike, so that everyone that plays the game can gather and share experiences that they’ve had in MegaTen and help new players through the...


publicCreated 11/18/0992

This group is for talking about anime and making friends only!?!! NO FIGHTING PLEEZE!!!! 3-Strikes ur out ok!?!!


publicCreated 12/24/094

Finally a group that doesn't revolve around any ove the games here on aeria. just a group for friends to hang out and talk about anything. this group is intended for i guess you could say hardcor...


publicCreated 03/06/104

A group for all kind of people who are looking for fun and friends


publicCreated 06/12/105

Everyone who plays Shin Megami Tensei:IMAGINE join! See other players who play this game and make friends with them to help you clear those nasty dungeons and kill the bosses.