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publicCreated 11/02/0967

Sup everyone. This is a group to do whatever you want, seriously. But not the "whatever you want" as in WHATEVER you want. Just talking about ANYTHING YOU WANT! Get it...? Don'...


publicCreated 11/28/0919

Hiya all This group is about anything. Colours, videos, what you like, what you eat, where you live BUT >.> I don't want too much information that you can, er, be in danger. ^.^ ...


publicCreated 03/02/103

Brotherhood of Regnant


publicCreated 04/12/111083

THE group to join if you're interested in gaining access to special activities in the game of DDTank! Help for new players, more tasks for older players, free items for all members! Keep up to ...


publicCreated 05/29/112

group for all the outcasts