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publicCreated 09/10/0919

Forum Moderators xD


publicCreated 09/10/09177

This group come in help of those who encountered problems regarding almost everything , from games issues to players who hacks and use the games bugs for their own advantage . So if u have any pro...


publicCreated 10/10/0925

Nun =) Das sind wir...Die Gilde Krieger des Lichts !! Angefangen haben wir klein & unscheinbar ;) Nun geistern unsere Member überall durch Beyla...=D Unsere Gilde steht für zusammenheit,...


publicCreated 11/30/097

A Grand Fantasia group for those who don't have time to wait for groups. We will run your instances for you. For a price. ***Working on a hiring platform***


publicCreated 08/20/1015

Welcome to the second coming of the HKO Forum Mafia! =D