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publicCreated 06/12/10975

Hello everyone. if you are a big fan of final fantasy,then this group is the place for you. So if you got something that you like about it or the characters, then join this group =) have fun in here,...


publicCreated 09/11/1021

This group is for people who play, want to play but need help starting off, or have already beaten Final Fantasy X. This is also for people who LOVE Final Fantasy X and are obsessed with it, like I am...


publicCreated 09/14/103

Lifestream (que significa fluxo da vida em inglês), no universo do jogo Final Fantasy VII, é a energia que flui pelo Planeta e dá a ele a habilidade de criar vida. O Planeta sacrifica parte de sua...


publicCreated 07/13/1125

hello everyone so you like sephiroth,you like making stories about sephiroth and yourself,you like role playing,you like having dreams of sephiroth,so this group is a place for you.have fun.


publicCreated 08/09/1110

Do you like fantasy books, movies or games? Do you want to live in a fantasy world? Well, you're welcome to share your fantasies or dreams with us.