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publicCreated 12/14/105

Dynasty Warriors Online Guild "Fairytail". Coolest, Brightest, Fastest and Strongest! <img border="0" width="0" height="0" src="


publicCreated 02/13/114

we are the ultimate guild,we love the anime fairy tail, and we accept everyone. :D


publicCreated 07/02/116

Anyone who was ever a member of FairyTail while playing Kitsu Saga, or who enjoyed hanging out or partying with us, please join. With Kitsu Saga coming to an end, we wold love to keep in touch with a...


publicCreated 03/01/132

"We know that the dragon has a tail...Do they them, we're a mystery...consumed in our hunger for the best adventure for all eternity"- Dam Lee (DragonTail's Master) We run our group li...


publicCreated 12/11/1311

The Fairy Tail Guild on Aeria Games