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publicCreated 07/07/108

This is a group made for the FairyTail Guild in Grand Fantasia on the Alice Server. Members of the Grand Fantasia guild are welcome to join. If you are not a member we are recruiting so if you play Gr...


publicCreated 11/21/102

Fairy Cross geht weiter ! Alle member und neulinge sind herzlich willkommen ♥


publicCreated 01/09/1231

ever wanted to live in the land of fairy tail with your own chara? well now you can in this world full of magic people, yes we all know this series now live in it! please be sure to read the rules. in...


publicCreated 02/07/1217

We are Asians trying to take over the internet and world :P. Join this group and have fun with other Asians :D. Talk about anime, games, and any other thing you want. Make friends with other Asians. T...


publicCreated 08/26/126

Greetings. Fairyloid is a mixture of Vocaloid and Fairy Tail-Fairyloid. We are a Team that does random stuff. This is only for "kids" :3