Groups tagged 'fairy'


publicCreated 02/13/114

we are the ultimate guild,we love the anime fairy tail, and we accept everyone. :D


publicCreated 07/14/116

The group for the guild Fairy Kingdom.


publicCreated 06/16/1220

Groupe guilde ou comme vous pouvez la nommée :) Ici pas vraiment de règles en dehors de l'entraide ou de l'amitié;) Fan de manga sont les bienvenues.


publicCreated 07/05/1214

Everyone who has enjoyed the Fairy Tail anime or manga, whichever suits you the best, is welcome here.


publicCreated 11/24/1311

hey! fan of the fairies in the skies just join to my fun cool and more don't abuse join now hey all all of my groups created i vote,i friend join! join! join!