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publicCreated 10/04/091

Demon Hunters: We hunt demons for fun, we kill our enemies... for fun, we watch each others back for security. Only the most elite people may be chosen to join. Our minimum level is 25. You must be a...


publicCreated 07/03/10517

come here if you love south park or if you just want to talk and make new friends or if you just want to experience events. or if your tired of those groups who are inactive never talk. not only has...


publicCreated 10/09/1013

All the new Events,Weapons and stuff here at WolveTeam !!Join NOW!!.


publicCreated 11/05/104

Groupe réservé au membres de la guilde Métropolis sur Grand Fantasia. Dans le groupe nous pourrons organiser des évents, et autres. Suffi de proposer.


publicCreated 02/16/11167

Onyx Servers Official Community Event Board, Operated by Select Onyx GS. The groups main focus is to give the players a 1 stop location to look up New/Up-Coming/Current and Group Exclusive Events.Grou...