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publicCreated 09/11/0982

A group for fans of Lord of the Rings. Talk about the books/movies and anything else of that sort.


publicCreated 05/30/105

This is Group is for people who plays "Shin Megami Tensei" a lot, and who likes/loves to help people--especially Newbies. That and their incredibly strange in their own way, that and they c...


publicCreated 06/08/102

e um clã aonde todos teram que ser astutos e veloses todos teram que ver atraves dos obistaculos e nunca desistir.


publicCreated 07/18/103

vc de qualqaue vc joga shaya,seja qual for seu nivel entre aqui faça parte do grupo. famos ser os mais fortes do shaya online!vamos lá.let´s go


publicCreated 07/11/113

We'll do many things like chating,playing,doing many things that we could enjoy and we could have fun things to do.