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publicCreated 09/10/09545

This is the Official group for all players. Of any game. If they're awesome. And like Turf Battles. This is the group for the legendary, the hero, the greats and all those yet to come. T...


publicCreated 09/10/0987

This is a group that asks and answers questions about all aspects of shaiya if you have a question ask. if you know an answer answer.


publicCreated 09/26/091402

YO YO YO! WE ARE AWSOME! and you shall join because this group's awsomness will make you join :). we are a cool/chill group with random discussions. GIGGITY


publicCreated 11/09/0930

Anybody who loves epic combat, fights, or battles Anybody who loves music Anybody who loves weapons Anybody who loves animating/animations Anybody who loves art, drawing, or anime Anybody who lov...


publicCreated 12/01/0943

This group is devoted to the prevention of cruelty onto those lovely sprites in grand fantasia. Yes, they can be annoying by failing to make your yellow or orange, or even your white! like 5 times in ...