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publicCreated 09/10/094487

This group is for all european ones and their friends. People around the world can join this group. Be a part of it!


publicCreated 11/16/0952

This group was created for newbie and expert MegaTen players alike, so that everyone that plays the game can gather and share experiences that they’ve had in MegaTen and help new players through the...


publicCreated 01/12/10464

Para los fanaticos de Naruto Offcourse pero tambien de otras series muy especiales que nos significaron mucho en nuestras vidas como: -Bleach -Digimon -Naruto Shippuden -Detective Conan -Fairy Ta...


publicCreated 04/07/104

To educate and empower. We are Nican Tlaca, we include "Native Americans" and "First Nation". Websites: ...


publicCreated 07/20/101

Lvl 20 Guild be continued