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publicCreated 10/18/097

Join my Clan, i respect everyone and i love BILL KAULITZ. If yo9u like this amazing SEXY GERMAN MAN, join this CLAN...... HaVe A BlAsT WhEn YoU JoIn BillKaulitzFanClub.


publicCreated 10/18/0994

Be a Vampyre! Join me Its a BITE away It doesnt hurt, one bite, , , , , NO TWILIGHT LOVER PLZ You have to be Faithful to the team, so ask and maybe i will join you to my team. Emo Kids are we...


publicCreated 10/21/0938

Join if you are a teenager, if you join and i find out you arnt a teen i will kick you.


publicCreated 10/21/0933

Ill join you if you think you are a lycan


publicCreated 10/21/0929

Join if you are alone, if you dress in black, if you slit your whrists, have any emotional problems and or if you just need a friend, i am out there for you