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publicCreated 10/08/0920

Elit3pk is a level 10 guild on auzura server, I am the GM a lvl 10X ranger and 10X RK we have full fun active members and are always on the look out for even more fun active members ^^


publicCreated 12/13/093

ATTENTION! The AC3S is for experienced players only. NO NOOBS ALLOWED! If you have a good enough level of experience, you can join.


publicCreated 01/21/103

Welcome to Clan eN (Elite Nations). This is a group for avid gamers, Should you wish to talk about games, music, friends, life, ANYTHING, come here. We pride ourselves on sticking together and being a...


publicCreated 02/03/1015

Pick it, Pack it, Fire it up, Come along, and take a hit from the bong.


publicCreated 02/14/1012

We are an eclectic group of soldiers, who were driven from the public eye by an oppressive government. Hunted and killed without mercy for years. Few of us survived, but those who did survive, was onl...