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publicCreated 07/14/116

The group for the guild Fairy Kingdom.


publicCreated 07/17/114

Asylum is Currently Recruiting. Currently Ranked #1 By Popularity Throughout Forums. Feel free to Join this Group, if you wanna chat with Kismie or any of the other Members of Asylum.


publicCreated 07/19/115

Elysium is a sanctuary within Eden Eternal (Garnet) for the heroic, the righteous and those chosen by the gods. Elysium is a paradise for honorable souls. Admission was initially reserved for mortals...


publicCreated 07/30/111

killing stuff... aussie style.


publicCreated 08/01/112

Ici nous parlons des jeux auquel nous jouons ensemble. Par exemple ont va se dire si ont a trouver un bon coin pour embuscade ou bien on va se donner rendez-vous un certains jour.