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publicCreated 06/16/114

This group is for the Aegis Eden Eternal guild


publicCreated 06/20/115

Hello, we are NetherWing Guild of Eden Eternal and soon on Lime Odyssey. We are a fun,friendly and supportive guild. We want YOU to be a member too!~ Just join us in Eden Eternal and Lime Odyssey o...


publicCreated 06/25/111

Welcome to AnythingGoes! A group where you can talk about what you feel like ^_^ (As long as its appropriate). You can talk about Aeria games, chat with people, give/get addvice on the games, or just ...


publicCreated 06/27/113

AnimaniA anime group ;P. sorry, not too good with descriptions :P<br><br> Website: <a href="">AnimaniA</a> <br>&...


publicCreated 07/03/114

This a community site for a Portuguese speaking guild (Brazilian mostly) from Eden Eternal.