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publicCreated 08/22/123

† ♦ Peace, Tranquility, Brotherhood & Sisterhood ♦ † 平和、静けさ、兄弟、姉妹 † ♦ Loyalty, Respect,Trust, Help, Protection, Team work ♦ † 忠誠心、敬意、信頼...


publicCreated 08/26/122

Hello to all, this group is for players of Eden Eternal. It's a group open for simple discussion of the game, and for hints and tips, along with help for newbies, or for the higher ups. It’s a team,...


publicCreated 08/29/128

Welcome to Edens new guild Cursed Chaos! We are new this year (2012) and love to chat and have fun! Join us on this chat and become a part of the Cursed Ones! Server Sapphire! Avalible to all levels!


publicCreated 09/01/121

King Venha para Família Real


publicCreated 09/05/122

grande guilde avec les meilleurs joueurs !!!!