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publicCreated 03/21/1138

Grupo del clan Héroes Magnos de Eden Eternal, para los miembros y para todo aquel que quiera unirse.


publicCreated 04/22/1140

japanese name of eden eternal. we can chat about anything (mostly eden eternal maybe but who cares :p) plz join


publicCreated 04/27/115

This is a group for the guild "InfinityKS" and contains updates regarding our activities and other news. Our Forum Thread:


publicCreated 05/29/112

Harlequin is a majority Australian and New Zealand Clan seeking members from any location wishing to play in a similar timezone (GMT +10ish).


publicCreated 06/09/1157

Welcome to the Eden Eternal group for the ForgottenHeroes guild (LvL 3, woot!). Join us for more information on our closed beta to open beta transition. (Server: Aquamarine)