Groups tagged 'darkness'


publicCreated 09/26/0974

A group of people who express themselves through emotional words Example_ "As darkness lies burrying the light that still lies porely benith your heart you'll never know the pain you&...


publicCreated 10/05/095

We are an megaten clan who helps other players, we will take everybody RULES: other clan members 2.dont kill everybody nice person 4.!!!JOIN US!!!


publicCreated 10/30/091

We are the shadow's of the Army


publicCreated 10/31/0912

You must leave your old life behind and start a new if you wish to be one of us


publicCreated 11/29/0911

A group that I had founded back in early 07'. Successfully establishing branches into many online games throughout the web, as well as our own branch on Xbox Live, each branch individually ran by...