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publicCreated 09/25/096

WELCOME TO CROSSGUARD! This is our group outside of the game :D We are currently recruiting active players in the LaTale Community, if you are interested, or have any questions pm me or DarkSparkX. ...


publicCreated 10/13/0931

"we are the ones who fell,the ones who quistioned the command of He who would have us bow low,we are the bearers of truth and undefiled knowledge,we are freedom from the self rightious&qu...


publicCreated 10/18/0927

Groupe spécial guilde des Happy_Dark. Bon, même ceux qui sont pas dans la guilde peuvent venir, mais les privilégiés seront quand même ceux qui sont dans la guilde ! Je suis Hillys, je suis une...


publicCreated 10/18/0994

Be a Vampyre! Join me Its a BITE away It doesnt hurt, one bite, , , , , NO TWILIGHT LOVER PLZ You have to be Faithful to the team, so ask and maybe i will join you to my team. Emo Kids are we...


publicCreated 10/20/098

Die gilde TheDarkFighters