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publicCreated 02/27/1320

we rely on strength to get us what we want. we can easly be punched and think that it was a poke. we are loyal and stand up for others. we are honest and love the night. we are the people that everyon...


publicCreated 03/16/131

Ici le groupe du clan PinkSushi, on se train pour bientôt la compet' :)


publicCreated 03/28/131

Only good people who are good at AVA allowed and people who are serious about their gaming 13 plus and it would be really good if you have a skype account!


publicCreated 05/18/131

On est la pour s'amusés pour faire des vidéos sur youtube et surtout on a une superbe ambiance CONDITION* 1- Avoir skype (a par exeption) 2- etre gentil 3- pas d'insulte 4- avoir un bon compo...


publicCreated 05/19/1330

CuteKitteh is a fun, interactive Group that loves to chat and eat pizza! Here, you'll find yourself with a lot of other cute kitties, so come join us! P.S. We have cookies, milk, pizza, cheese, and......