Groups tagged 'cookies'


publicCreated 09/10/0977

A place where Saphirians can unite in peace and harmony. \o/


publicCreated 09/23/0941

If at first you don't succeed, tryi it with out panties ^_~ Where a different guild thriving in server Gaia. We're always lookin for new members to join our group of wild people who live life f...


publicCreated 10/06/092

Wer steht nicht auf Kekse? Die Cookie Force leben in ihrer eigenen kleinen Welt. Die Cookie Force bestehend aus Kiige den perversen und Frauenangrabenden Keks Wenel den Punk-Rapper-Emo-Boy der den...


publicCreated 11/05/105

If ya like Milk N cookies.


publicCreated 12/14/105

A casual guild for anyone. PLEASE, be reasonable. If you're going to be rude don't join. We play on GAIA Channel 1(one)