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publicCreated 08/20/103

This is mostly a gaming group where we plan our raids to different dungeons! But also a community, where I will answer most of your questions! And members are welcome to join if they are new or experi...


publicCreated 08/24/104

Erster Deutscher Elite Clan in Wolfteam DE


publicCreated 08/26/103

j e j e m o n....! n o o b c a n w i n o n a b a t t l e r i g t h! w a n t t o t r y m y n o o b s f r i e n d G M Z i o n W a r d ^_^ J u s t ...


publicCreated 08/28/1012

All members of clover are welcome, and people who are looking to become Members as well Here's our forums


publicCreated 08/31/103

same hobbies......kill......kill.....kill......