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publicCreated 05/22/132

Solo para jugadores de SPECIAL FORCE Latinos


publicCreated 05/26/131

Welcome to the Clan. Hope you enjoy your stay. This clan was formed back in the early 2000s in Counterstrike. Since then we've strived to be a multi-gaming clan. Do you have what it takes to be an Eli...


publicCreated 05/28/131

Die Ikarier sind ein Volk, dass frei und ohne Grenzen im stetigen Miteinander und Füreinander lebt. Achte das Leben, denn es ist wertvoller, als alles Andere auf der Welt. Ikarus Ikarianus Kalros


publicCreated 06/06/131

Small gaming group looking to have the maximum amount of fun while playing with friends. We are focused on cooperation and helping others. The objectives of the clan will change with time as we grow a...


publicCreated 06/10/132

special team will destiny to kill anybody