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publicCreated 12/05/092

my group is concerned


publicCreated 12/09/095

This is a Clan made to help new players and to talk about the anime 1/2 prince. We don't limit our selves to just that. We will also be active in in-game events, such as this beta. We don't discrimina...


publicCreated 12/14/0917

For all members and clan frends of Devastation! :)


publicCreated 12/27/0914

This is the ShadowClan. It is a ranked Clan, with rules for all to follow. If you believe yourself to be worthy to join, send me a message and tell me why you should be accepted into the Clan. This C...


publicCreated 01/09/108

Clan fun avec un objectif ENORME : l'amusement ! Alors biensur une peut de réglement : pas de campeur (sauf Sniper),eviter le lag,... Bon amusement !!