Groups tagged 'chatting'


publicCreated 03/03/104

Well the clan is for Monster HUnter Fans of any sort. I made this for any needs you need on MH and also just for chatting. you will have your fellow hunterz around only chatting,And if you want to giv...


publicCreated 03/25/106

Made this for the guild Ravens Nest, and their allies and friends :)


publicCreated 04/26/104

For anybody recovering from an injury or has been injured or just want to talk to some people who are injured. Basically, its an Old Peoples home without the old people and gross stuff.


publicCreated 04/19/118

you will meet new people or connect with friends from games or other websites.or you will meet entierly new people that might love the same things as you such as Anime and Music!


publicCreated 08/03/129

Come and join to talk about Hacking, cheating, Finding walktroughs You are welcomed especially if you are a pro. Increase your gaming abilities.And own your friends. Game for one and game fo...