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publicCreated 03/01/131

This is a group for Netherlands/Holland people, who play's Alliance of Valiant Arms. If you are Netherlands and want to join send me a PM.(snipahhkiller)


publicCreated 03/01/1356

Nothing much to it, if you like anime this is the place for you. Feel free to say whatever you like, this is a new guild btw. you can always visit our chat site Ps. Please in...


publicCreated 03/03/1377

Hurro~ Welcome to EdenXeternal


publicCreated 03/05/1313

The Aeria Mafia. Because speaking our mind and voicing our opinion apparently means we have no respect for other people.


publicCreated 03/08/136

Este grupo trata de hablar con personas , ayudarlas , hacer amigos , hablar y si alguien conoce Minecraft tambien este grupo es para esto pero es mas para juegos.