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publicCreated 12/16/122

This group pretty much describes itself if you like anime or you are addicted to it and you wanna show that.


publicCreated 12/16/121

Phoenix server meet up for light and dark. PVP, Roleplay, or just getting quests done


publicCreated 12/17/121

Public chatting about interesting subjects. Don't be shy, just come on in here :))


publicCreated 12/24/124

Wir vom LOSER-Clan sind immer hammer drauf.Wir lassen es in EEDE krachen und haben immer Spass.Wir sind leider noch nicht viele... deshalb schliess dich uns an!!!xDDDDDDD


publicCreated 12/29/121

este grupo es para los mas temibles jugando a los mas fuertes y que nunca se rinda