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publicCreated 09/26/0926

if you want to know more people then join my group


publicCreated 09/26/091413

YO YO YO! WE ARE AWSOME! and you shall join because this group's awsomness will make you join :). we are a cool/chill group with random discussions. GIGGITY


publicCreated 09/27/0949

Für Shaiya freunde und die das spiel cool finden wie ich :)


publicCreated 09/28/0922

Just a group ment for people who wana hang out n talk. Preferably night people, since thats what this is intended for. but, you daywalkers are fine too.


publicCreated 09/29/09110

for those who love anime and being random and stuff x3 this is tha club for you!!! want more friends or popularity? pssh i got you covered x] ~