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publicCreated 12/21/0912

Deutsche Sprache: In dieser Gruppe sind nur Last-Chaos Gamer aus Deutschland erwünscht!!!!! Mit freundlichen Gruß Skyline010985 English language: In this group, only last-chaos are welcome ...


publicCreated 02/15/1026

Brasileiros Guerreiros, sem medo, que lutam e vencem. Cumpram sempre seus objetivos, mesmo com a morte.


publicCreated 03/08/108

Just a random team :D


publicCreated 03/25/1021

The Chaos Sanctum. A random idea one person had that they hope will become something much larger. I'm not going to ask for much as far as people joining goes. Just simple things such as actual...


publicCreated 04/16/104

We are Devoted Chaos of Gaia Alliance