Groups tagged 'casual'


publicCreated 06/12/119

Cafe is a guild on Eden Eternal. We're a fairly laid back group and we're here to enjoy the game and have fun~


publicCreated 08/31/112

More than likely if you are here you have either joined our ranks or looking to. Prophecy is a family based guild largely focusing on enjoying the game. Maturity is a large expectation in the guild, t...


publicCreated 09/14/122

We are a family-friendly multi-gaming guild. We put more of an emphasis on a person's character rather than how well they play the game. Membership is available to anyone who demonstrates mature and r...


publicCreated 04/01/1315

Special Arkana Ballistic Expeditionary Reconnaissance (SABER) We're a small, casual community of gamers. This guild is based on the pillars of having fun, creating a nice community of people to talk ...

publicCreated 12/31/69