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publicCreated 04/21/114

A wonderful group dedicated to the wonderful Grand Fantasia Guild


publicCreated 05/03/112

enemies; nerds


publicCreated 05/22/113

We are the Fire Clan! We have a fierce nature, and will fight for what we believe in. We can sometimes be hotheaded, but we are a clan that will always stick together, no matter what! We are fast and ...


publicCreated 06/11/115

Why listen to just ONE style of music while grinding or fighting on your favorite game, WHEN YOU CAN HAVE THEM ALL?! Seriously, Variety is the spice of life! That's why we play so many differe...


publicCreated 06/11/115

Shinigami is a Kingdom heroes Guild. We are always recruiting new players to join our ranks. All we ask for is activeness.