Groups tagged 'awesome'


publicCreated 10/28/107

This is a group for the guild CritHappens in Kitsu Saga. We /pwn. Hard.


publicCreated 11/12/102

So, We're here to provide a great amount of laughter to all the people on youtube and everyone around the world, hopefully. We're just 2 friends trying to provide the remedy of laughter t...


publicCreated 11/20/105

We are a new guild looking for active,talkative, and fun people to join no level requirments just message or mail SilverWolfX Win HaloKing Kaitly to join Have Fun ;)


publicCreated 12/02/1058

Icentology: The appreciation and study of iceerules "Welcome to my delusional world, where its inhabitants know no limits, and are set with no boundary--the ultimate freedom... We will continue to dr...


publicCreated 12/19/103

This is the worst group ever. It really is. None of that Naruto stuff even compares to how bad this group is. Why are you even here?