Groups tagged 'awesome'


publicCreated 11/25/0916

People who are daring, adventerous, smart, quick, helpful, and rescourceful should join this team. It'll be fun!


publicCreated 12/09/095

This is a Clan made to help new players and to talk about the anime 1/2 prince. We don't limit our selves to just that. We will also be active in in-game events, such as this beta. We don't discrimina...


publicCreated 12/17/095

T3h Ub3r l33t Gr0uP f0r Ub3r l33t Pl4y3rZ lol


publicCreated 12/24/094

Finally a group that doesn't revolve around any ove the games here on aeria. just a group for friends to hang out and talk about anything. this group is intended for i guess you could say hardcor...


publicCreated 02/22/104

We are the SoulEaters! We will eat your soul! Join us>Grand Fantasia>Siropas Server