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publicCreated 10/21/121

This group will be for all Naruto Fans~ I hope you all enjoy and have fun in this fagnificent group!~ Naruto: Hey ppl sup...Just chillaxen :D Yeah I'm jokein I'm up all day fightin peeps! ;D


publicCreated 10/31/1231

We are longcut. We are leet! We are awesome!


publicCreated 11/14/1227

Hey I just met you! and this is crazy, But here's a Fanclub, For you Aeria.Mazinger baby!


publicCreated 11/24/1293

Are you cool enough to be a brony? ;D -We terlk liek dat, yar know -Brohoofs ftw! -We're bros 4lyfes!


publicCreated 12/03/121

Are you awesome? Do you want an AWESOME group? Come join this group, bring your friends, cause we bet they are awesome too! Pm DemonicSins21 to join or just join!